About CDHA

Consumer Debt Help Association  celebrates 8 years of service to clients burdened with unsecured debt. We are committed to the best possible resolution for our clients through rigorous debt arbitration conducted by our team of certified debt arbitrators. Led by Mr Daniel Diaz,  a man who has been with CDHA, since our inception our enrollment department identifies potential clients, determines a financial hardship and explains our process clearly.  Enrollment  then transfers the client to our customer service team who review each and every step of the process to be sure our clients know what to expect and what is expected from them. Once complete a dedicated client service representative greets our clients and explains how best to maximize the experience. Together we form a great team waiting to assist you. If you have questions simply call 800-301-1526- and a friendly voice will respond.

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    1. WE currently do not offer an online feature as you described. We are a throwback to the days when a person could rely on a personal contact for information they needed. Our CSR’s are among our most treasured asset responding to client needs as requested

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